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Date:  07.09 - 13.09.2023
Location:  Piedmont, Italy

We‘ll cross the Valley Maira and ride beautiful trails in stunning landscapes. We carry a day pack and our luggage will be transported to our next accommodation by shuttle. The accommodations for the week have an authentic ambience and are typical for the area. We‘ll share and enjoy excellent hospitality and cuisine.

MTB in Valle Maira

The Valley Maira in Piedmont is a true MTB paradise. The Valley offers a large network from over 2000 km dirt roads, military roads and single tracks through forests, Alpine pastures and long ridges at high altitude. Because of these old military roads you can reach many mountain peaks by bike. La colletta for example is the highest pass in the Alps (2830 m) which can be crossed by bike. Hardly any other region in Europe offers such a variety of trails in unspoilt nature. The Valle Maira is rapidly rapidly becoming a top MTB destination.

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Exellent cuisine

The excellent cuisine in the Valley Maira reflects the close relationship with nature and mountain tradition. The 4- 5 course menus are genuine and simple, and will bring you on a journey through the scents and flavours of the Maira territory,  with Piedmontese wines or craft beers if you like.

Valle Maira

Although the area is only 100 km away from the city of Turin, the Maira Valley is a forgotten area of Piedmont. 

The valley is quiet and reserved by tradition, offering ideas for totally unspoilt tourism.

Because of its vicinity to the Mediterranean Sea, this area has a mild climate, despite its alpine location.

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We carry a day pack. When we change accomodation the luggage will be brought to the next accommodation by shuttle.Saturday evening we meet and greet at our first accomodation.Sunday untill Thursday we ride MTB day tours.

Departure is on Friday after breakfast.

This is an enduro holiday for slighty advanced and advanced riders. You can join with an E-MTB or normal enduro bike, depending on your fitness. We will ascend between 800 m and 1700 m.
You should fully control level s1. We will ride s1 and s2 trails, possibly some small parts s3. Of course, if necessary, it is no problem to hike some difficult sections.

A good basic fitness or an E-bike is mandatory. The trails difficulty is customisable.


We will enjoy our holiday in the authentic ambience of the centuries-old hamlets of the Valley Maira. As we stay in typical local accommodations we can get an insight of the unique historic architecture, tune in with the surrounding nature and get lost in the magical atmosphere of the area.

€ 1695,-
5 days of guiding
6 nights accommodation in double rooms
6 x half pension
5x packed lunch
luggage shuttles (max. 15 kg)

drinks, material and insurance


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