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possible location:  Italy/ France or Vorarlberg in Austria
Only for private groups
Enduro or Cross-country / E bike


Full immersion into nature

We go far into the backcountry and will stay high in the mountains instead of going back to the hustle of the valley. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy the silence, the beautiful panorama, pure air and the tasty down to earth food in a mountain hut.

Alpine Pastures: 2 - 4 days, Vorarlberg in Austria

From the Alps to the sea: 4 - 12 days, Italy/ France

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Alpine Pasture

Though compact, Vorarlberg is a region of astounding natural diversity, from wetlands to shorelines and the high mountains up to 3000 meters. We ride through selected beautiful landscapes, to headlands and high Alps, where tasty mountain cheeses are made. The local Käsknöpfle taste the best after a day of biking. Whether on a regular mountain bike or an E bike, Vorarlberg offers something for every taste form casual rides to challanging terrain.


From the Alps to the Sea

We ride a spectacular former military dirt road that connects the Piedmontese and French Alps to the Ligurian Sea, winding between 1800 - 2100 meters above sea level through landscapes of rare beauty.

The old dirt road meanders along the main watershed of the Alps, crossing mountain passes, hairpin bends and daring passages. The route, entirely unpaved, can also be covered by e-bike.


Total Lenght: 120 km - can be splitted into sections

Total Elevation gain 3345 m

Total descent: 3212 m



Let's go far into the backcountry and leave your daily thoughts behind,
experience a true MTB Hut Tour adventure.


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