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Go out and experience
the adventure.


The Alps are Irian's playground. He loves to share his experience and knowledge.
He speaks several languages: Dutch, German, English and French.

As a kid, Irian spent most of his time on his bike. From the age of 12, Irian accompanied his brother cycling all over Europe. After Irian completed studies at a sports school in the Netherlands, he choose to move to Austria where he became a freeride guide in the Alps. In addition to guiding, he continued to travel the world and competed in freeride competitions, as a member of the Freeride World Tour. Irian‘s passion became his job…
Now he offers Freeride and MTB holidays in the gorgeous Alps, sharing over twenty years of expertise.


“I love to share my passion and deep knowledge of the mountains with my guests. My goal is to give my guests confidence riding all kinds of terrains and offer unforgettable days, riding the most fun and beautiful trails.
The MTB Holidays I offer are my favorite MTB destinations of Europe, the result of 20 years of biking and exploring trails in and around the Alps. “

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